Are you currently just monitoring your clarity, interface and mud levels?  We have recently found that monitoring deep into the mud can profile a lot more data and provide insights into what it is really going on in the compacted bed. So if your sensor can penetrate the bed, keep on diving. Switch on the Specific Gravity (SG) tank profile option and monitor various trigger points for SG in the tank as you dive.  Until now, once you hit mud, your diver was essentially blind until the heavy mud tilt switch turned on.  Now you can view SG inside the mud bed.

For example, the top of the mud on a gold tail’s thickener might be 1.1 SG. 500mm below it the SG might be 1.2 and a further 200mm away the SG might be as high as 1.8.  As you change feed and flocculation regime, these levels, just like your interface and mud, will move around providing additional measurements for control. You can watch your bed compacting (as shown in the trend below) for advanced warning that your thickener is about to turn into a “goo ball”.

With specific gravity and suspended solids measurements, now you can see exactly what is happening almost all the way to the bottom of the tank.  The tank profile trends will show you how well the mud is packing.  To find out more contact our technical team at or call us on +61 3 9786 1711.

Tank trends
Thickener solid’s tank trend

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