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Slurry Density Meter

Slurry Density Measurement

Density Analysers for Slurries

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The Rhosonics’ Ultrasonic Density Meter (SDM) is a density measurement device that employs only one flush mounted probe which can be installed in a tank or in an existing pipeline. By means of wafer cells, spool pieces or even a weld-on piece, installation is possible at very large pipe sizes (32” and even higher).

Features and Benefits

  • Very easy to install
  • Ultrasonic density measurement, independent of medium type
  • Suitable for all types of water/solid slurries
  • Non-nuclear technology
  • Durable probe system
  • Lowest possible maintenance needs
  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Compact integrated system
  • Fully inline, zero intrusion
  • New temperature technology
  • Continuous data and system logging
  • Process connection via HART and 4-20mA

At last a new and extremely reliable technology is available for the heavy industry to provide inline density measurement. The SDM Non nuclear Density Meter can measure slurry and suspension density, inline, and with a minimum of installation and maintenance effort. This means that inline slurry monitoring is now feasible, without drawbacks of other inline density measurement methods, like nuclear and microwave systems.

The abrasive and corrosion resistant ceramic sensor material protects the internal elements, which take care of transmitting and receiving of a broad spectrum of ultrasonic sound waves. Through the interaction of the sound between the contact surface and the fluid to be measured, the SDM ultrasonic density meter, derives a complete image of the slurry density, without the need for the sound to pass through the fluid. From the imaged spectra, the system derives the density of your slurry, regardless of composition, particle size and other properties of the particles.


The extremely powerful and revolutionary technology of this density measurement device allows inline fluid density measurement of any known slurry. Field tests and experiments with a large variety of different compositions prove the SDM inline density meter’s versatility.

  • Limestone, Gypsum
  • Silicon carbide, Zirconium Carbonate
  • Sand, Cement, Concrete, Dredging sludge
  • Ground Ore, Drilling Mud
  • Cutting and Polishing Slurry
  • Power plant ash

The SDM differentiates itself with its sustainable technology and its specific design for dredging and mineral processing applications.  Dredging and mining companies are increasingly looking for non-nuclear measurement equipment.  A growing demand is seen for non-nuclear alternatives because of stricter government regulations, safety-related costs and the need to reduce nuclear waste.

Other Solutions

The SDM measures the density of the slurry. When liquor density is desired or in case you wish to measure the suspended solids (TSS), or all three parameters independently, then Rhosonics Model 9670 with Full Bore Flow Through sensors is the instrument of your choice.


Three probe installations methods are available to suit your specific application. Installation is possible on 2” to 32” pipe sizes and even larger.

  • UFTC Spool (Ultrasonic Flow Through Spool).  An UFTC is a metal pipe piece which can be mounted between two flanges. The spool type and size are on customers’ request.
  • Weldolet.  The Weldolet is a special low-cost solution which can be installed by drilling a hole of 36 mm in a steel pipe. On the outside of the pipe, the Weldolet is welded-on so the sensor can be installed flush mounted.
  • UWC Wafer.  The UWC is a synthetic 60 mm thick ring made of UHPE (Ultra High Density Poly Ethylene). It can be clamped between two flanges in almost every pipe system. For maximum performance, the wafers are produced custom-made by Rhosonics. The thickness of a liner (if present) and the internal diameter of the pipe are important dimensions to guarantee flush mounted installation



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