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FlocGuard – Flocculant Concentration Analyser

Flocculant Concentration Analyser

Rugged Process Analysers for the Minerals Processing Sector

FlocGuard 2 Floc plant 2Floc plant 1

FlocGuard is a ruggedized in line sensor that provides continuous real-time flocculant concentration measurements in flocculant preparation facilities in the Mineral Processing industry.  The FlocGuard flocculant concentration analyser is installed on the discharge of the mixed flocculant tank heading to the thickeners detecting that flocculant is flowing at the correct concentration and providing a way to verify the quality of the floc mix.

The FlocGuard floc concentration analyser can also be installed on the diluent line to provide a baseline measurement of zero flocculant. This is particularly useful when diluent quality is not ideal.


  • Reliable quality check of the flocculant mix heading to the thickeners resulting in improved settling processes
  • Overrides other safeguards in the flocculant plant (i.e. weightometers, blocked chute detectors, flow switches) and serves as a final check of flocculant quality
  • Eliminates overflow incidents/tank flares due to poor concentration of flocculant in the thickener
  • Flexible communications and repeatable calibration procedure
  • Uses proven technology extensively utilized in minerals processing
  • Reliance on manual sampling is reduced and control lag is eliminated


In flocculant preparation facilities, dry flocculant is dosed into a diluent using a dry material feeder with weightometers to control the amount of dry flocculant going to the mix to provide the desired mix concentration. The flocculant preparation facilities rely on measurement of flow or weight or time (not concentration) as a method to determine the right mix concentration. If there is a blockage in the lines and no flocculant is administered but the diluent is still flowing, the flow meter will measure a total flow indicating the correct mix volume is being pumped to the thickeners although the concentration of the flocculant mix may not be of the desired concentration.

FlocGuard flocculant analyser is mounted on the flocculant plant discharge line heading into the thickeners to provide real-time measurement of the concentration of the flocculant mix. This information serves as a final floc quality measurement before the mix is discharged to the thickeners resulting in a more efficient settling process and avoiding overflow incidents and tank flares.


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