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Longwall Automatic Emulsion Monitoring and Control Station

Accurate measurement of emulsion concentration in underground longwall coal mines has a direct effect on the longevity of the longwall and reliability of the complete hydraulic system. High emulsion concentrations cost you money while low concentration can have devastating effects. The SmartDose longwall automatic emulsion monitoring and control station can completely automate the production of emulsion for longwall emulsion plants on the surface or underground.

SmartDose is exclusively available through Precision Light & Air, providing comprehensive sales, service, and engineering worldwide.

Features and Benefits

  • The operating life of the hydraulic components and pump system is maximised with an efficient and reliable dosing of emulsions
  • Constant output of quality hydraulic fluids supply for more efficient operations and reduction in raw oil consumption
  • Fully automatic – no operator intervention
  • Suits above ground or underground oil stations
  • Immune to tank levels, water pressure and flow, vibration, impurities or air bubbles
  • Low maintenance: no instrument calibration, bi-yearly pump maintenance only
  • Extremely high makeup flow capacity with flow up to 600 liters/min, SmartDose can manufacture emulsions faster than you can lose it, even with a broken or dropped line at the face. No more waiting for emulsion if you break a line


The typical application for SmartDose is in coal longwall mining. Efficient and reliable dosing of longwall hydraulic fluid maximises the operating life of the longwall hydraulic equipment (hydraulic components and pumping systems). With the SmartDose system, efficiency and reliability have been combined with high accuracy to provide extremely stable fluid makeup. 

Irrespective of variations in local field parameters, the SmartDose longwall automatic emulsion station controls oil to water ratio within 0.15%, guaranteeing premium quality hydraulic fluid. Concentration is unaffected by oil tank head pressure, water flow or pressure variations, raw oil concentrations or installation position.

Mine operators employing the SmartDose hydraulic fluid dosing system are provided with high-quality oil consistently, and reliably, enabling enforcement of the pump station and longwall OEM warranty, typically with a reduction in raw oil expenditure.

Existing SmartDose systems currently provide greater than 99.5% availability.

Should the raw water line pressure or flow change due to varying demand in other sections of the longwall, the SmartDose longwall automatic emulsion station will adjust the oil dosing rate automatically maintaining a constant output and a continuous supply of premium quality hydraulic oil. Operation of the SmartDose system is initiated by high and low-level sensors in the bulk emulsion tank. Once the low level is reached, the SmartDose longwall automatic emulsion station will automatically produce fluid of the correct concentration until regulated levels are maintained.

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